The Prosperity Collection –
Ivanhoe Apartments

Ivanhoe is perfectly positioned on one of Melbourne’s highest points with the entire city laid out before you.

Ivanhoe, the suburb is idyllic, leafy and prestigious with a strong sense of community and belonging. It is a well established suburb serviced by frequent public transport and a high level of amenity including schools, leisure centres and hospitals. Melbourne’s traditional inner suburban locations reveal the city at its best and this is especially true of Ivanhoe. Although only 10km from the CBD, Ivanhoe has its own village atmosphere and the people who live here love its mix of peace and bustle, its natural beauty and the general ease of everyday life.

Ivanhoe Apartments, in both design and position, is an exceptional example of positive Feng Shui. It is a beautiful building, natural and organic in shape and it sits high above the energy accumulation point of the surrounding streets. 
To make the most of this strength 
we have introduced a striking water feature incorporating metal in its design.

To harness the positive energy of each apartment we have created The Prosperity Collection. This is a selection of apartments that has undergone a thorough assessment from renowned Feng Shui expert, Carol Partridge. As the apartments face different directions they require individual Feng Shui charts to obtain an accurate analysis.

Water and metal are important elements for balancing the force of this vitality. The auspicious nature of the Ivanhoe building will be of great benefit to residents as well, creating a positive influence on the surrounding community.

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